Mystic Images Photography

Based in the Seattle area, Mystic Images Photography strives to be just a little different, a little more unique - providing an artistic quality to photographs of your special events. Specializing in special events, weddings, commitment ceremonies, galas (especially nonprofits) and LGBT events. Kat Fitzgerald knows how to capture that special moment - the emotion that others miss! With her background in photography, music and graphic design, she blends the aspects of all that the lens sees into unique and mystic images.

"I have always been drawn to photography, even as a child, but started working more seriously during some photography classes in junior high school. I love the way the lens captures a moment in time. After moving to Chicago back in late 2005, I am having an incredible time finding the beauty in both the city and the people. Art is very important to me and I use my photography as a way to express myself.

Now, 2021 has brought me to the San Francisco/Bay Area for new adventures, new people and new art to create. I can't wait!"
--Kat Fitzgerald

Kat is an experienced event photographer based in the Seattle area. Kat has been photographing events, galas and weddings for over 25 years. In addition to wedding photography, she is also experienced in studio portraits, head shots, musical and band photography, special events, galas as well as commercial and fine art photography for the fashion, editorial, and commercial industry.

And yes, she has a Facebook page!

If you want a photographer that's not intrusive, gets "the" candid shot that everyone raves about, seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.. this is your photographer. Kat does an amazing job at capturing the whole feel of an event - whether it's a dance party, a fund raiser or something as grand in scale as the Gay Games. I love working with Kat because she gets it - she gets the people, she gets the event and you can see that in her work."
-Lisa, Chicago, IL